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Recent News


Sensing Breakthrough in the Sensing Cellular Messenger 5-PP-InsP5

May 2023

In collaboration with Prof. Barry Potter (Oxford University), we’ve discovered the first optical sensor for selective detection of 5-PP-InsP5 – a critical messenger molecule involved in glucose levels. Our paper was highlighted as ChemSci Pick of the Week In Chemical Science and featured on the Front Cover.

SEB photo 4x5.jpg

Congratulations Samantha!

April 2023

Massive congratulations to Dr Samantha Bodman for securing a Loughborough University Doctoral Prize Fellowship to carry out her own research into supramolecular electronic devices. Thanks for the last 2.5 years Sam – looking forward to seeing what comes next!


New optical assays for monitoring anion transport

March 2023

Two new papers demonstrating the application of our emissive lanthanide probes for monitoring anion transport across lipid bilayers. We present a new assay for fluoride transport by synthetic receptors (with Hennie Valkenier, Université Libre de Bruxelles) and show bicarbonate transport by the protein SLC26A6 (with Raimund Dutzler, University of Zurich)

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